About Us

James Fields

James has 27 years of experience in the technology industry, including electronic engineering, software design, corporate communications and marketing. He holds degrees in Computer Science and English, graduating summa cum laude from California Polytechnic State University.

He has been employed in various roles, including Marketing Communications Manager, Engineering Manager and Media Producer at many high-tech firms, such as Vidar, TRW Electronic Systems Group, Escorp, Merge Technologies, Seagate and Veritas Software. He has also contracted with and consulted for various businesses, including H&R Block, WestStar Corporation, Primix Solutions and many others.

James was a software designer on the award-winning Norton Backup for Windows development team. In 1994, he invented the first portable ISDN network simulator, which won the Best New Product award at Networld+Interop.

He has also received national recognition for video scriptwriting and production, including two Cinema in Industry (CINDY) awards and a Hugo. James has developed business communications solutions by combining emerging Internet technologies with electronic media to produce eBusiness networks for training, marketing, and information distribution across geographically diverse locations. He is also a life-long student of photography and has been known to play the bass guitar when nobody's looking.

In 2001, James and his wife Ellen moved to Mérida, México and founded a website development company called Eclectec SA de CV, where they and their employees support scores of clients world-wide by developing Internet applications, websites, blogs, social networks and audio/video productions.

Ellen Fields

Ellen has 30 years experience in the computer and communications industries, including sales, marketing, corporate communications and web development. She graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles.

She sold the original "small" computers at IBM's General System Division, achieving the 100% Club every year that she was on quota. She sold mainframes to the aerospace industry at Unisys, and was awarded the Rookie of the Year and Industry Salesperson of the Year awards.

Ellen has also been an account representative at a New York advertising agency. She launched a talk radio program, The Famous Computer Café, about personal computers that aired in Los Angeles, and she was a successful technical recruiter for major software companies in the area for eight years. After moving to Central California, Ellen helped grow a startup software company into a major player in the storage management market.

She introduced satellite TV broadcasting at Arcada software, producing quarterly companywide meetings across four locations, and created and maintained the first Intranet at Seagate Software. She also produced live Intranet broadcasts and implemented a web-based audio newsletter at Veritas Software.

She created the Internal Communications department at Seagate Software and Veritas, and produced in-house videos for Seagate Software, Veritas and Primix.

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Beatriz Echeverria Enríquez

Beatriz is Eclectec's General Assistant, where she has been working since 2006 while studying to obtain her college degree in Social Anthropology from UADY (Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán). 

She received the Mellow Grant award to study for a semester at Pitzer College in California, then returned to continue working with Eclectec. 

Some of her responsibilities are billing, accounting, translation and research. She also works on the staff of Yucatan Living, teaches history at a public school in Merida and is a mother of two beautiful children.