JZ Capital Partners LTD

Another day, another web rescue.  This client not only lost their webmaster, but access to their hosting server, too, for which they were paying several hundred British pounds sterling every year (our top-rated hosting provider, Savvis, costs $60 dollars per year). The real problem, however, was that with all the changes in the financial industry over the past few years, some of the website’s content was out of compliance and their lawyers were on their case to DO SOMETHING! You could smell the panic wafting up from their emails. We copied and pasted the entire contents of their website from a browser  and re-assembled it using a CodeIgniter framework on our host. We added various administration features for ease and efficiency, as well as some CYA features to protect them from potential conflict with their stiff upper lip government. If you click the link below to visit the website but can’t access the content, well, that’s by design.

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