Every website tells a story, don’t it? This one began as our story of moving to Yucatan and learning to make a living in an unfamiliar country, language and culture. We soon learned that writing about our experiences, challenges and assimilation was helpful to others making similar life changes. Before we knew it, we had an audience and subscribers. As the years went by, Yucatan Living expanded and the content grew from an informal blog into an online magazine. We branded ourselves “The Working Gringos” (as opposed to retired ones). We hired employees to do research and translate local news and events into English. We began advertising local businesses and were asked to be a Warden for the U.S. Consulate. Recently, we teamed up with Yucatan Expatriate Services, a bilingual, bi-cultural group of lawyers, accountants and project managers who¬† help expats immigrate and start new lives in this part of Mexico.

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